Blown Fibre Solutions– The advantages

Utilising a Blown fibre Solution allows maximum flexibility for your project and here at Phonelink we have our own fibre blowing kit and are Authorised Blown Fibre Installers for ADC Krone allowing us to undertake any fibre work throughout Wales and England.  
The major benefit of installing a blown Fibre Infrastructure is the option of only installing the fibres when they are actually needed.  Providing sufficient tubing is installed and considered at the planning stage of the project the Blown Fibre network will then be able to adapt to changing business requirements at a rate that suits you!

* Planning is Simplified ~ Actual fibre is installed to accommodate today’s needs but knowledge that fibre can be increase as future demand grows allows the planning stage to run smoothly.
* Cost Effectiveness ~ Spread cost and investment over time, once the tubing is installed any additional fibres are provided on a Pay as you Grow basis, allowing costs to be spread over time yet at the same time allowing growth to continue when necessary.  By only deploying fibres when they are actually needed it eliminates massive up front investment as well as fibres that aren’t required.  Splitting / fusion splicing the fibre is also reduced for the same reasons, therefore keeping engineering costs to a minimum.
* Flexibility ~ Upgrading networks is no longer a major task as you are deploying as future proof solution as possible.  Emergency restoration can be deployed with ease and if technologies change then you can incorporate this within a project that is ongoing.
* Increased Speed ~ Due to the tubing infrastructure being in place additional connections are not only significantly reduced in cost they are also done on a massively reduced timescale.  Upgrading networks is time and cost efficient

“ Blown Fibre provides a flexible, low total life cost and complete solution” (ADC Krone)

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